From the left Diona Murray, Tekara Gainey, Rayna Hughes, Saleemah McNeil, Shukriyyah Mitchell-Hinton, Selena Washington, Sabrina Keeton, Jabina Coleman, Iris Kimbrough and Porsche Holland.


The Village

Philadelphia’s Maternal Wellness Village is a village of birth workers that include Therapists, Doulas, Lactation Consultants, Holistic Healers, Infertility Warriors and Nurses. Combined, we have multiple levels of education and life experiences, over 50 years of parenting skills, 35 years of lactation support, 25 years of providing labor support, and 10 years of mental health support. Our engagement efforts includes dozens of kenyone speeches/workshops, and panel contributions and several published works. Additionally the Maternal Wellness Village supports the Philadelphia maternal through the formation of conferences, foundations, and grassroot initiatives, participation in community events, and Abortion and Loss supports. 


The mission of the Maternal Wellness Village is to function as an action oriented task force by providing support services to empower communities throughout the African Diaspora. Through our efforts, we aim to increase modern adaptations of ancestral birth practices, reclaim the Black birth experience and reduce black maternal mortality. We are working to raise $15k in order to create and sustain programs for families during both Black Maternal Health Week and Black Breastfeeding Week 2020. Click the link below to register for our fundraiser. Hope to see you there on Saturday October 26th, 2019 at 5pm.

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