Nurturing for the Whole Family

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.
— Brenè Brown

Mission & Vision

Our mission at Oshun Family Center is to fight the stigma of mental health by providing culturally sensitive therapy services and to women, children and families impacted by perinatal mood disorders (PMAD) in minority communities. In addition to focusing on Maternal Mental Health and reducing the Black Maternal Mortality rate in Philadelphia.

Our vision is to create awareness and appropriate services for families struggling with PMADs through psycho-education and therapeutic services catering to their individual needs. Oshun Family Center is working to become a full service facility for families to obtain information regarding maternal and child health and wellness for example: access to Doula services, workshops, support groups and therapy by trained professionals.  

Core Values

Community - Stay connected to the community in which our people are most impacted. Collaborate with health care providers, judicial servants and social services to assist in a continuum of care. We are a collectivistic tribe and alignment is essential to growth.

Integrity - Do what is right at all times, abide by ethical and moral standards. Uphold your own personal principles and stay true.

Nurturing - Create a safe space for individuals to feel vulnerable without the fear of judgement.

Creativity - Appreciate the creativity of the staff and clients in order to further their exploration into themselves and flourish by participating in crafts, dance, music or anything created by the person. Respect and uplift individuality within the construct of of the tribe.

Authenticity - Be your unapologetic authentic self! No filter, no mask…..Be YOU!


“Transitioning back to work after having my second child was more difficult than i remembered with my first. I don’t know what I would have done without Saleemah’s kind and warm energy she came into my home with. I felt mentally prepared to go back to work after meeting with her.”

- Ivy Jones, 12/1/17

“Saleemah is one of a kind! Since meeting her, I’ve been constantly motivated to be my best self!!”

- Jasmine Poole, 2/1/2018

“At the age of 29 I got pregnant with my first child. I knew very little about what to expect while pregnant and during birth. I was lucky to have known a doula Name Saleemah who helped me understand what I should expect. She told me about my birthing options and what I should do to prepare for the birth of my son. I wasn’t the normal pregnant mother because I also have sickle cell, So I was considered high risk. But she still was there by my side to help me with my pregnancy. She answered questions that I had about when I have my son. Even after my son was born she helped me. The first night I bought my son home I had trouble with breastfeeding and she was there to help me push thru it. I’m happy to say that my doula made having my son more easier then It would have been without her.”

- Jackie, 4/16/18  

“Saleemah has been more like family to us for the last five years. We began as coworkers at Penn and through her experience and expertise in newborn care, I didn't think twice about hiring her to care for our most precious gift. Saleemah eased my anxiety she always arrived on time and was able to extend herself for whatever I needed. Her work ethic is outstanding! She taught us things about about childcare that as first time parents we didn't consider. I loved that about her and would recommend her to any family deserving family.”

- McMillan, 2/20/18

“Saleemah worked with my partner and I in 2014 to help deliver our rainbow baby. During my pregnancy, I was very anxious as the delivery was approaching since our first pregnancy resulted in our daughter being born asleep. One can only imagine the fear and worry my family and I were experienced. Saleemah worked with us in providing different calming techniques and offered an emotional support system for me. We came up with a birth plan we all felt comfortable with and on our delivery date she made sure that the plan was followed. She provided me with comfort, many laughs, which comes in handy when you are in excruciating pain :) and she definitely made my entire birth story memorable. She is still very much a part of my family to this day.”

- Karla